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he Matsés people have a strong history of defending their lands.  Intrusions into their territories by oil workers from Pacific Stratus Energy could evoke a unwelcoming response by the Matses people.  Pacific Stratus needs to consider the additional costs of both security and lawsuits that will result by any attempt by Pacific Stratus to enter the Matses Lands.   

How you can help

Please write to Pacific Stratus Energy raising your concerns about their exploring for oil and drilling wells on Matses lands within oil blocks 135 and 137 in the Yavari Valley of Peru.

You can use our sample letter, or you are welcomed to write your own:

I am  extremely  concerned about  the adverse environmental,  health  and social consequences of  Pacific Stratus Energy exploring for oil and drilling oil wells in the Matses titled lands contained within blocks 135 and 137 in Peru.  The Matses people received title to their land in 1998 and believe that they legally retain ownership of their territory.  In addition, please note that the Matses people have a always defended their land against outsiders and any attempt by Pacific Stratus to enter the Matses Native Community will most probably result in resistance.  In addition, the Matsés Movement may file lawsuits against Pacific Stratus in both Canada and Peru, resulting in a significant added financial cost to developing these oil blocks.

The costs associated with developing and extracting oil from these oil blocks may exceed any potential benefits for the shareholders of Pacific Stratus.  In addition, negative publicity in the press and lawsuits could significantly decrease the value of Pacific Stratus stock.  Having lost over 22 million dollars during the first six months of 2007, Pacific Stratus can not afford to risk developing blocks 135 and 137 considering the potential for conflict with the Matses people.

I urge Pacific Stratus to take immediate steps to withdrawal your plans to develop and extract oil from blocks 135 and 137 in Peru that are within the Matses tribe titled lands. 

Please send your letters to:

Jose Francisco Arata (Chief Executive Officer)

Head Office - Pacific Stratus Energy
220 Bay Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2W4
Telephone: (416) 362-7735
FAX: (416) 360-7783

Colombia Office - Pacific Stratus Energy
Calle 95 No. 13-35
Bogota, D.C.
Telephone: 57 1 628-3970
FAX: 57 1 256-6085

Begin with "Dear Mr. Arata:"


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