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Mission Statement:


Matses NativeOur mission is to provide support to the Matsés communities so that they themselves can preserve their culture and lands in a sustainable and independent manner. 


Our movement is unique in that it is the first non-profit association entirely comprised of members of the Matsés nation rather than outsiders.  Previously, various non-governmental organizations acted as self-appointed representatives of the Matsés with few resulting benefits to the indigenous communities.  With knowledge and education, the Matsés people are capable of determining their own destiny, independent of the desires and interests of others.  The Matsés Movement is an association of the Matsés people providing support to the Matsés communities.


The Matsés Movement is a  non-profit association located in the Peruvian Amazon.

For more information, please contact:

The Matses Movement

Iquitos, Peru

Telephone: (+ 51) 965-000650

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