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Indigenous SchoolThe goals of the Matsés Movement Adopt an Indigenous School Program include:

1) Distributing school supplies for individual students and teachers, including materials for the classroom, and books for the library in all fourteen communities of the Matsés Native Community.

2) Sponsoring teacher workshops in community schools on strategies to improve bilingual reading and writing skills of indigenous students.

3) Producing a teacher's guide of activities for environmental education instruction in Matsés schools. 

Adopt an indigenous school!  Support the Matsés Movement's Adopt an Indigenous School Program.  Education is free for Matsés children, but students need to purchase their own notebooks, pens, pencils and rulers. Buying school supplies represents a severe financial burden for most Matsés as the majority of Matsés families have no source of income.

Please realize that the Matsés Movement does not solicit nor accept any donations from the public.  If you want to make a donation to preserve the cultures of indigenous Amazonians, we suggest that you contact them and give the donation directly to the native people.  For further information on the Adopt an Indigenous School Program and to find out how your school can become a "sister school," please contact:

Matsés Movement
Iquitos, Peru

Phone: (+ 51) 965-753931

E-mail :


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